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Color Inspiration: Gold Country

My color inspiration comes from a variety of places. I live in the heart of California Gold country and many of my colors are representative of the area, even though the names may not reflect it. Throughout the year this area is rich in many shades of green and striking golds. The dark greens of the pines and the wavy gold grass are, to me, the epitome of summer. The fall here is spectacular, especially in wine country. The grape vines turn from waxy green to reds, purples and golden browns. Oaks become a brilliant yellow and then to a crisp brown. Winter is marked by dreary greys, dull green and browns. Right now we are in the beginnings of spring. The daffodils are a multitude of white, yellows and oranges. Tulips are showing bright pinks, oranges and dark purples. The oak trees are, in my opinion, at their finest. A green that is unparalled by any other green.

This area is rich in history seeing as gold was discovered a short ways away from me. Along with the colors of the countryside I also draw inspiration from the Gold Rush History. From a very young age the discovery of gold at Sutters Mill, The 49ers, The Donner Party, Oregon Trail, San Francisco, Sourdough, Vigilantes, The Bear Flag Revolt and anything else that has to do with California History is ingrained in you. From that I tuck away color ideas.

Between the colors of the countryside and California's history I have an amazing color palate to work with.

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