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Husband's Take: Living with a Knitter

My wife, Heidi, loves to knit. That implies a love for yarn and knitting needles; tea and soft blankets; Gilmore Girls etc. To me, it's adorable and I've benefited from the hobby in spades. There are some aspects I find to be an inconvenience of course. As an example, over the years she has accumulated a "yarn stash" that progressively takes over more and more storage space in our home. She assures me this is a normal thing. I don't believe her but I don't really mind, either. She'll get around to using it all eventually - I hope. The important thing is that knitting makes her happy and that makes me happy; even if I don't understand a single thing she is doing.

After the kids have gone to bed she will sit for hours, little sticks clicking away, and tie thousands of tiny knots. A few evenings worth of knot tying produces something useful. It is an amazing process to watch. A string turns into a hat, some socks, gloves, or a dish rag depending on what she wants it to be. When she finishes a project she proudly admires it, shows it to me, and begins another. I don't know how she does it. The tedium would kill me but it seems to invigorate her. I love her for that.

When the mood takes her Heidi will begin to hunt down yarn. Hand-dyed yarn specifically. She will surf social media and the inter-webs, sometimes for days, in search of the perfect skein. Upon discovery her reaction is visceral: squealing, giddiness, begging and unnecessary explanations. Money then leaves our account. After a few days of fidgeting and checking the shipping status the yarn arrives to much fanfare. The day is often planned around it. Every aspect of the unboxing is documented, usually through Instagram, so that all can share in her joy. The skein then becomes a thing by way of sticks and knots, and her desire for fresh yarn is sated.

I may not understand my wife's love for yarn and knitting but I do understand my wife. She's so giving with her time and wants so badly to make others happy that she doesn't always have time for herself. Knitting bridges that gap between giving and relaxing; making others happy while making herself happy. It's truly the perfect pass time for her and affords me the opportunity to watch the woman I love doing something she loves to do. I count myself as lucky. Even if I have to live buried in yarn.

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